Get to know the CALS Community of Wellness

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Kristin Carroll, Chairexpand_more

Kristin is an HR Manager with CALS Human Resources.

Why Kristin Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Wellness and a balance in life have always been a goal of hers. When she was asked to chair the committee, it felt like a natural fit given her interests, goals, background, skill set, and knowledge of campus resources and people.

How Kristin Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Kristin aims to focus on all aspects of the wheel of wellness in different ways. She walks a lot and loves being outside in the fresh air. Practicing yoga on occasion helps her spiritual, emotional, physical, and cultural self. Kristin believes that being cognizant of what she eats is important, yet she does find a benefit in splurging on occasion as a treat. One area she is focused to work on is getting more sleep.

Taiya Bachexpand_more

Taiya is a Teaching Faculty and Project Coordinator with Nutritional Sciences.

Why Taiya Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Taiya is a registered dietitian with background in community nutrition and public heath, so being involved in a wellness-focused committee seemed like a good fit to share her knowledge while also contributing to her own workplace environment.

How Taiya Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Taiya tries to keep work at work, and avoid doing work tasks at home in the evenings unless necessary. It’s tough, which is why she says, “I try”. She also enjoys learning what others do in regards to balance and wellness, so she enjoy webinars or education sessions that focus on such. While they may not help her maintain balance, she thinks they help her to be more aware of her own situation and often offer new ways to think how she could better manage that balance. Taiya also likes to read for pleasure so she aims for 10 minutes a day.

LauraLee Berrey Nortonexpand_more

LauraLee is an Academic Advising Manager with CALS Academic Affairs.

Why LauraLee Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
As someone who has experienced burnout in as both a student and an employee, wellness in the workplace is very important to LauraLee. She knows that it takes all employees to create a solid culture of wellness and she wanted to help promote and lead that cause.

How LauraLee Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
LauraLee maintains work-life balance by setting clear boundaries with both herself and my colleagues. She has learned to ask for support when needed and to say no when she can’t take on more projects. She has also been trying to prioritize self-care more, including making time to relax and getting outside.

Thomas Browneexpand_more

Tom is a Senior Assistant Dean for Climate and Engagement with the CALS Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Rosalia Gittensexpand_more

Rosie is a Community Development Manager with the CALS Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Emily Laabsexpand_more

Emily is a Graduate Program Manager with Russell Labs.

Why Emily Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Emily understands that incorporating wellness into one’s life is essential to showing up as your best self. She joined the committee to advocate for and support wellness initiatives within the college so others have opportunities to incorporate wellness into their day.

How Emily Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Emily schedules and commits to regular “me” time. Her activities can vary but that dedicated time does not!

Kara Luedtkeexpand_more

Kara is a Project Manager with CALS Administration.

Why Kara Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Kara believes that mental, physical, and emotional wellness are critical elements to an enjoyable life, and she recognizes that maintaining wellness in these areas is challenging. She joined this committee to help herself and others improve wellness in all aspects of life.

How Kara Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Kara enjoys walking – especially in nature – and doing yoga. Both activities help clear her mind and provide physical activity–a win-win!

Patricia Richardsonexpand_more

Patricia is a Financial Specialist with Animal Science.

Why Patricia Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Patricia joined at the invitation of her supervisor and increased the valuable community membership.

How Patricia Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Patricia follows nutritional guidelines, practices random acts of kindness, and has spiritual connections. She has always prioritized work and family in a traditional way, being reliable, dependable, and having teaching moments as ways to get ahead. She loves music and tries to incorporate that into every part of her lifestyle.

Bret Shawexpand_more

Bret is a Professor with Life Sciences Communication.

Why Bret Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Bret wanted to bring his expertise in strategic communication, as well as his interest in wellness, to add value to the community.

How Bret Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Bret tries to focus on all areas of wellness by eating well, sleeping well, doing yoga and exercise near-daily, and trying to maintain positive social relationships.

Bre Sinotte Wangexpand_more

Bre is a Project Coordinator with Biochemistry.

Why Bre Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Bre wanted to expand the wellbeing of her home department. After serving on several committees within CALS, she realized the value that others’ perspectives bring and has worked for several years to contribute to the needs of the CALS community along with other colleagues.

How Bre Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Bre understands that the evolving, technology-focused world we live in makes it tricky to ‘turn off’ work, even after shutting down for the afternoon. She makes an effort to make time for family and self to ensure all of her social and emotional needs are met.

Pam Thompsonexpand_more

Pam is an Administrative Assistant with CALS Business Services.

Kelly Tomko-Ewingexpand_more

Kelly is a Financial Specialist with Arlington Agricultural Research Station.

Why Kelly Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Kelly joined the committee to share and expand her interest in health and wellness with friends and coworkers. The committee offers an opportunity to bridge an important gap between home and work life relevant in the many ways to honor one’s healthy journey through life.

How Kelly Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Kelly aims to maintain work/life balance of wellness by being a lifelong learner of any and all things that interest her, all while applying new knowledge toward daily experiences both personally and professionally where applicable. Kelly believes that life is about the journey and not the destination. She aims to find joy in each day no matter how big or small it may be.

Betsy Woodexpand_more

Betsy is an Academic Advising Manager with Biological Systems Engineering.

Why Betsy Participates in the CALS Community of Wellness:
Betsy joined the committee after finding the seven dimensions of wellness and knowing that she could do more! Betsy knows that our busy jobs can easily consume our energy and focus and recognizing the payback of workplace wellness helps her balance.

How Betsy Maintains a Lifestyle of Wellness:
Betsy tries to combine social activities with exercise; swing dancing or spending time at the stable with her horse. She knows that it’s easy to do solitary, sedentary activities so finding something fun outside of that is key.