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CALS interacts with individuals and businesses in many ways to help them solve problems and reach their goals.

The college offers a wide array of training and professional development opportunities, from the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker program at its Center for Dairy Research to field days at its agricultural research stations. A number of diagnostic labs are also available to assist homeowners in identifying insect pests and turfgrass health issues.

Several dozen CALS faculty are jointly funded by the UW–Madison Division of Extension, placing them in positions to work closely with Extension staff in delivering valuable information and advice to Wisconsin citizens, businesses and organizations. Many other faculty, staff, and students are involved in outreach activities that bring the work of the college to schools and communities throughout the state.

CALS faculty and staff regularly offer advice and consultation to individuals and businesses. Several searchable databases are available to help find the right expert to connect with.

While much of the college’s outreach efforts take place within the boundaries of Wisconsin, CALS also maintains a strong international research and outreach program, housed in CALS Global.

In these and other ways, CALS plays a significant role in connecting the broader community to university knowledge and expertise.



Connection to helpful knowledge and expertise for Wisconsin citizens

Statewide network of agricultural research stations

Community collaboration throughout Wisconsin

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Doug Reinemann

Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach

Heather Gayton

Outreach Program Manager

Muhamed Sadiku

Executive Assistant

A combine harvests a field of industrial hemp at Arlington Agricultural Research Station.

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