Awards and Honors

CALS Awards

The people make CALS excellent. Together, students, faculty, and staff carry out the mission to advance and share knowledge, discover solutions and promote opportunities in food and agriculture, bioenergy, health, the environment and human well-being with their diverse skills, knowledge, creativity, and passions. CALS recognizes and is grateful for the commitment and hard work of all of our community members.

College Endowed Faculty Professorships/Chairs

Professorships and chairs are awarded to faculty who excel in scholarly activity demonstrated by a record of outstanding research, instruction, and/or outreach, with the promise of continuing productivity and excellent campus citizenship. These awards, with accompanying funding, are a way to acknowledge and reward faculty members for their outstanding work and integrity, while encouraging and inspiring excellence across the college.

Honorary Recognition

These awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to their communities, their chosen career fields and the citizens of the state and nation. There are three awards: the Honorary Recognition Award, the Distinguished Service Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award.