Honorary Recognition

Each year CALS recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to their communities, their chosen career fields, and the citizens of the state and the nation. CALS has three awards: the Honorary Recognition Award, the Distinguished Service Award, and the Distinguished Alumni Award.

The 2021 Honorary Recognition ceremony were held on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at Union South.

At that time, CALS presented the Honorary Recognition Award to Mitch Breunig and Al Gunderson; its Distinguished Service Award to Elton Aberle; and its Distinguished Alumni Award to Max Rothschild and Claire Huschka Sink. Read more about the honorees here.

Honorary Recognition digital program

About the Awards

The Honorary Recognition Award – Established in 1909, this award was championed by Dean Harry L. Russell and Wisconsin Governor William D. Hoard. This award honors individuals who have demonstrated outstanding and inspirational leadership, integrity and unselfish service, making significant contributions in the areas of agriculture, life sciences, natural resources and social science. Over the past 100 years, the college has saluted more than 500 individuals who have given both time and talent to improve the lives of many and enrich society for us all.

The Distinguished Service Award – This award was established in 1994 in celebration of the college’s excellent faculty and staff. This award recognizes university faculty and staff members for exceptionally meritorious service to the college and university, to the citizens of Wisconsin, and to people around the nation and the world.

The Distinguished Alumni Award – Introduced in 2009, this award recognizes a career of outstanding achievement through extraordinary contributions to one’s chosen field or an exemplary record of public service.

For previous award winners: Award Recipients 1909 – 2019