CALS Wellness Committee

The CALS Wellness Committee was launched in 2015 with the vision of a culture and environment of wellness in CALS. Our mission is to support opportunities that promote the health and well-being of the CALS community. We work in partnership with UWell, a campus-wide effort committed to benefiting and promoting wellness on campus. Our approach to wellness is holistic, and we strive to promote activities and events on campus that meet the 7 dimensions of wellness.

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CALS Wellness Committee tip: Explore Madison-area farmers’ markets this summer

Looking for those fresh flowers, vegetables, breads, and/or cheese curds? Are you wondering when and where the next Farmer’s Market will be? Look no further. Below is the Farmers’ Markets Schedule for 2022 for in and around the Madison area.

Thank you to Madison Mom for this list of Farmers’ Markets in the area.

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CALS Wellness Committee tip: Start Earning your $150 Well Wisconsin Incentive for 2022

Three activities need to be completed by October 14, 2022 to earn a $150 gift card:

  1. HEALTH ASSESSMENT: Complete WebMD ONE’s 10-minute health assessment.
  2. HEALTH CHECK: Complete one of the following health checks:
    1. Biometric screening
    2. Dental exam
    3. One coaching session
  3. WELL-BEING ACTIVITY: There are so many activities to choose from this year including health coaching, Daily Habits plans, two rounds of The Invitational steps challenge and a brand-new nutrition-focused challenge to get your fill of colorful fruit and veg.

To start the process go here  Questions? Call their Customer Service at 800‑821‑6591.

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