CALS Wellness Committee

The CALS Wellness Committee was launched in 2015 with the vision of a culture and environment of wellness in CALS. Our mission is to support opportunities that promote the health and well-being of the CALS community. We work in partnership with UWell, a campus-wide effort committed to benefiting and promoting wellness on campus. Our approach to wellness is holistic, and we strive to promote activities and events on campus that meet the 7 dimensions of wellness.

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CALS Wellness Committee Tip: Ways to Combat Occupational Burnout

The CALS Wellness Committee is hosting a virtual LifeMatters session on May 16 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. titled “LifeMatters Stress Management: Creating a Healthy Mind: Addressing Burnout.” See below for full details and how to register.

LifeMatters Stress Management: Creating a Healthy Mind: Addressing Burnout

  • Tuesday, May 16, 10:30-11:30am
  • Registration link:
  • Description: Burnout is a real thing that leaves us exhausted, detached from our jobs and inefficient in all areas of our lives. Creating a healthy mindset that is flexible and able to adapt to the stress everyday life is a remedy for burnout. Content includes:
    • Mindful living and mindful habits
    • Building resilience through focusing on managing energy in four areas: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
    • Increasing emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self- management, and empathy

Please feel free to join as you are able! This will be a great session that provides resources for how to navigate the feeling of burnout at work.

Not able to attend? The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provides some great ideas on where to start:

  • Hold walking meetings: This provides a chance to get up and move during short meetings as well as a nice change in scenery. These meetings can be extremely effective, given there’s an agenda to keep things on track.
  • Take Mental Health Days/ Value Vacations: Vacation days are a benefit that not everyone uses to its fullest. It’s important to make sure to take time for yourself and use your vacation days. Having days off can be a nice way to come back feeling refreshed.
  • Be proactive: This works with the point above about vacation days. If you’re starting to feel burned out at work, schedule some time for yourself before the burnout gets bad. Knowing and acting on your needs can be an extremely effective way to combat burnout.
  • Weigh priorities: If you have several work projects going simultaneously, it helps to select your top two or three to focus in on. As the SHRM article states, “Being crystal clear on your top priorities drives performance and prevents burnout.”
  • Encourage friendships: Creating meaningful friendships among coworkers creates a deeper connection to the work at hand and promotes engagement.

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CALS Wellness Committee Reminder: Earn your $150 Well Wisconsin Incentive

The three activities, which need to be completed by October 13, 2023, are:

  • Health Assessment: 15-minute health assessment
  • Health Check: Complete a biometric screening, dental exam, or one coaching session
  • Well-Being Activity: You can listen to two Well Wisconsin Radio episodes as one option for your activity, complete a Daily Habits Plan, or take part in another activity that meets your needs.

You can get started at If you have questions, please call Well Wisconsin’s customer service at 1-800-821-6591.

As the slogan for this year goes: Be in the Moment. Be Present. Be Well.

Information was taken from Well Wisconsin mailings.