Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Academic advising is an integral part of any student’s journey at UW-Madison and we encourage all students to connect with academic advisors to facilitate their success.  In CALS, each student will work with a professional advisor who is an expert in planning and navigating their academic department and area of study; students also work with faculty mentors who often facilitate career exploration as well. 

CALS academic advisors have a wealth of knowledge about courses on campus, as well as policies and procedures. They are caring staff who center their work on the student experience and are here to support student success. Any student experiencing academic difficulty or personal struggles is encouraged to talk to their advisor about how their individual situation may affect their academic performance.

New Students

Whether first year or transfer students, New students enrolled in CALS will declare a major and be assigned an advisor when they participate in the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program.

Students interested in a CALS area of study but not ready to declare a major are very welcome here and can choose “undeclared” as a major. They are invited to attend SOAR with CALS where they will be assigned an advisor from the Office of Academic Affairs who will support them as they explore our various academic offerings and work toward their degree.

Prospective, and current, students wanting to explore CALS majors are invited to visit GUIDE to learn more and find contact information for the department advisor for that major.

Current Students

Accessing Advising:
There are many ways to access advising depending on your needs. Are you undecided, exploring or just unsure? Meet with an academic advising manager who works with students who are exploring academic majors or certificates in CALS. Schedule an appointment now!

Are you confident about your major? Every CALS academic program has faculty and staff who can give advice about courses, help you plan for graduation, explore opportunities outside of the classroom and answer any questions you may have along the way. To find an advisor for a particular major offered in CALS, use GUIDE to find that major and contact information for advisors or find your assigned advisor through MyUW.

Current UW-Madison students interested in exploring a transfer to CALS are invited to contact CALS Advising Services in the Office of Academic Affairs to learn more about College majors, requirements, and supports.

For additional resources including how to calculate your GPA, finding other advisors, advising checklists and more, please visit

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