Study Abroad

Studying abroad as a CALS student

CALS students have access to UW–Madison’s 260+ study abroad programs in more than 65 countries. Programs can range from one-week experiences to semester- or year-long programs, and everything in between. More than 35 of these programs have been developed specifically for CALS students to fulfill your unique academic, professional and personal goals, and most are led by CALS faculty. Scholarships to help cover costs for study abroad are available.

CALS Study Abroad Advisors are available to provide you with the most relevant advice as you plan for a study abroad experience while pursuing any CALS major. With advance planning, students are able to incorporate study abroad into their college experience and graduate on time

Why study abroad?

  • Study global issues including sustainability, food & agriculture, global health and natural resources, from a another perspective
  • See the world and experience new cultures
  • Challenge yourself
  • Fulfill academic requirements, earn credit, and explore new interests
  • Gain hands-on research or internship experience
  • Work toward academic, personal, and professional goals

Financial aid and scholarships are available. Financial aid can often be applied to study abroad programs. Scholarships based on financial need, academic merit and personal background are available to CALS students completing a UW–Madison study abroad program. Thanks to generous donations from CALS faculty and alumni, CALS is able to award more than $100,000 in scholarships annually to CALS students pursuing study abroad experiences.

Did you know?


Percentage of CALS students who study abroad


CALS offers more than $100,000 annually in scholarships to CALS students for study abroad


Number of countries to choose from for a study abroad experience


The percentage of CALS students who have an assigned study abroad advisor to assist with exploration and planning based on their major


How much does study abroad cost?expand_more

Our programs vary in cost depending on a number of factors including duration, location, organized excursions, whether housing or group meals are provided, and even your residency status. Many programs cost the same or even less than studying on campus, although some programs do cost more. The costs are outlined on the individual program pages and we recommend that you meet with a CALS Study Abroad Advisor who can assist with planning to meet your goals.

Financial aid can often be used to pay the program fee, in the same way that it can be used for tuition. In addition to financial aid, there are a wide range of scholarships available to CALS students studying abroad. Learn more about CALS study abroad scholarships.

Can I study abroad as a ____ major?expand_more

Most CALS students can study abroad, regardless of their major, with advanced planning. Students can explore Major Advising Pages (MAPs) for major-specific study abroad information and suggested programs.

Will studying abroad delay my graduation?expand_more

With advanced planning, students are able to incorporate study abroad into their academic plan without delaying graduation. Students should consult their Academic Advisor, Study Abroad Advisor, and their Major Advising Page (MAP) to plan for how and when to study abroad without delaying time to graduation.

When is the best time for students to study abroad?expand_more

The best time to study abroad is unique to each student, depending on their academic, personal, and professional goals. It may be a semester during the academic year, or during summer, winter, or spring break. Some students choose to study abroad multiple times. Students should consult their Academic Advisor, Study Abroad Advisor, and their Major Advising Page (MAP) to decide when to study abroad.

Do you need to know a language to study abroad?expand_more

No  – Over 200 study abroad program options offer courses in English and have no additional language requirements.

How long are most study abroad programs?expand_more

Study abroad programs can be as short as one week to as long as a year.

Who can help me with study abroad planning?expand_more

CALS study abroad advisors are available to meet with CALS students to assist with planning which study abroad experiences can meet your needs and goals – academically, professionally and financially.

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