CALS Ambassadors

Meet the CALS Ambassadors

CALS Ambassadors are current CALS students who are eager to share about the CALS student experience. They connect with prospective first-year, transfer, and admitted students to help them learn about CALS and share their personal experiences as part of the CALS community. Ambassadors would love to answer questions about the transition to college, coursework in their major, getting involved in student organizations, and more on campus!

Name: Maezy Beams

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Major: Horticulture

Favorite Part of CALS Campus: My favorite part of the CALS campus is the DC Smith Greenhouse. It’s a nice place to study or just warm up in the winter and it’s been a vital part of my undergrad because of how much it’s used as a resource for hands-on learning.

Favorite Class: Soil Science 301 – This class is definitely challenging but I learned so much! It brought together a lot of things I had learned about horticulture in other classes and set me up to get so much more out of future plant science classes.

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I’m a big fan of all things horticulture so I’m a frequent flyer at botanical gardens/arboreta! I also love to crochet/be creative and I’m part of Knit for a Cause through UW! It’s such a fun student organization and a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and just take some time to relax outside of school. 

CALS Programs to Ask Me About: Study Abroad, CALS Scholarships, and anything about being a transfer student!
Name: Nathan Buckley (He/Him)

Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota

Major: Biology (Pre-Med)
Certificate: Science Communication

CALS Programs to Ask me About: I am involved in the Honors Research program, and I am a QuickStart alumni!

Favorite Class: My favorite class has been LSC 251: Science, Media, and Society because I am able to learn how to effectively communicate scientific information and also link what I'm learning about to other courses.
Name: Katie Cervenka (She/Her)

Hometown: Delafield, Wisconsin

Majors: Life Sciences Communication and Wildlife Ecology
Certificate: Environmental Studies

Why I Chose UW-Madison: I loved it’s impressive reputation and location. Specifically, UW-Madison is close to my hometown that has a great college atmosphere. CALS offered lots of majors that interested me, and I felt really comfortable exploring academics in this school. 

My Favorite Part of Being in CALS: The incredible network of people that are available to support students in every aspect of the college experience.

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: My favorite color Gatorade is light blue, I have a puggle named Maple who has a really aggressive under bite, and my Mario Kart character is always Shy Guy.
Name: Patrick Colegrove (He/Him)

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Biology
Certificates: Science Communication and Biocore

Favorite Part of CALS Campus: The Microbial Sciences Building is an amazing place to grab coffee to take to your classes, learn about on-campus microbio research, or just to study. I also love to take breaks with my friend and walk though Allen Centennial Garden when weather is nice.

Favorite Class: I love LSC 314: Intro to Digital Video Production because it allows you to communicate the STEM topics you feel so passionate about in a unique and purposeful way.

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I love to go to concerts, museums, and explore new foods in Chicago. I’m also getting involved in beach volleyball, both in Madison and Chicago.

CALS Programs to Ask Me About: CALS Honors in Research and I served as a peer leader for Inter Ag 155.
Name: Alli Dawiedczyk (She/Her)

Hometown: Lake Orion, Michigan

Majors: Global Health and Spanish (Pre-Law)

Favorite Part of CALS Campus: My favorite part of CALS campus is the Microbial Sciences building! It has a delicious cafe and a beautiful study area. It is also where I have some of my favorite microbiology labs.

Favorite Class: My favorite class I have taken is Microbiology 345, Introduction to Disease Biology. This class was extremely interactive, and the professor was extremely engaging and passionate about her work.

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I am vice president of BVA (Badger Volunteering Association) and volunteer as a tutor for 7th grade students at Black Hawk middle school (through the Morgridge Center). I am also involved in the Track club and various intramurals (soccer, flag football, basketball, and volleyball).

CALS Programs to Ask me About: I have utilized QuickStart, study abroad (with 2 scholarships), and pre-law advising.
Name: Sofia Fernandez (She/Her)

Hometown: Richfield, Wisconsin

Majors: Microbiology and Global Health (Pre-Med)

Favorite Part of CALS Campus: The Microbial Sciences Building. Although I'm partial to it because I have class there five days a week, it’s open and airy design plus the Microcosm Cafe make it easy to get out of bed and go to class. 

Favorite class: The most interesting class I've taken so far has been Microbiology 345: Intro to Disease Biology. It allowed me to combine my Global Health perspective with my Microbiology major to understand microbes impact on public health. I'm also looking forward to Agronomy 377: Global Food Production and Health in the Spring.  

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I'm a part of the Filipinx American Student Organization (FASO), a club committed to highlighting the experiences, history, and culture of Filipinx students. It's my safe space, my culinary haven, and the place I've meet some of my best friends. 

CALS Programs to Ask Me About: Study Abroad
Name: Caitlin Hanley

Hometown: Watertown, Wisconsin

Major: Animal Sciences (Pre-vet)
Certificate: Food Systems

Favorite Part of CALS Campus:. My favorite part of the CALS campus is the amount of green space available for studying and how close it is to the Lakeshore trails

Favorite class: One of my favorite classes I've taken is Meat Science, or An Sci 305. This was a super hands-on course, and a lot of time was spent in the USDA meat processing facility learning about different muscle types. We even got to brine a chicken to bring home!

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I took an internship credit last year through Slow Food UW and am now the South Madison Director. I'm also the CALS Representative for the Pre-Veterinary Association and am involved in the Wisconsin Admissions Volunteers. When I'm not at school, I spend time working as a vet assistant at Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital or going home to visit my 2 German Shepherds. Fun fact - I also have a chinchilla named Buddy who has three legs, no tail, and a lot of attitude! I also love hiking and have been able to visit 42 of the 49 State Parks.

CALS Programs to Ask Me About: Quickstart, the Honors in Research program, campus research, and scholarships.
Name: Meghan Reimann (She/Her)

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Major: Animal & Veterinary Biosciences (Pre-Vet)

Favorite Part of CALS Campus: Not a place, but the people that make up this close knit community in CALS. 

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: Skiing, horseback riding, and playing with my dog. 

CALS Programs to Ask Me About: QuickStart!
Name: Quinn Thomas

Hometown: Millburn, New Jersey

Major: Biology (Pre-Vet)
Certificate: Environmental Studies

Favorite Part of CALS Campus: My favorite part of CALS Campus is the Allen Centennial Garden. Whether you go in between classes and studying or just to enjoy the greenery, it is a great place to sit and relax on a warm day. I love to stroll through the garden and sit on one of the benches with a good book.

Favorite Class: My favorite class that I have taken so far was SOC 248: Environment, Natural Resources, & Society. The class explores contemporary relationships that we have with the natural world, especially in the context of societal responses to environmental issues. I found the class very interesting and relevant to current political, societal, and environmental issues.

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I am a member of UW-Madison's Pre-Veterinary Association and currently work as a vet assistant at WisCARES and a volunteer vet tech assistant at Dane County Humane Society. I love reading, going on hikes, cooking, and my two cats, Ozzie and Murphy, and my dog, Coda.

CALS Programs to Ask Me About: QuickStart!
Name: Mackenzie Twomey (She/Her)

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Majors: Biochemistry and Global Health
Certificates: Gender and Women’s Studies

Favorite Part of CALS Campus: My favorite part of the CALS campus is the Steenbock Library and the BioCommons in the basement because it is a comfy place to relax and study. 

Favorite Class: My favorite class I have taken for my certificate is Gender and Women in World History because it is a whole new way to look at history and there is so much interesting information.

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I have an unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift and Noah Kahan and I've seen both in concert twice. 

CALS Programs to Ask me About: CALS QuickStart, CALS Honors in Research, study abroad advising.
Name: Amal Vellani (She/Her)

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Majors: Global Health and Health Promotion and Health Equity

Fun Facts, Hobbies, and Student Orgs: I am in a sorority on campus and am also a member of the Global Health Alliance.

CALS Programs to Ask Me About: QuickStart and Study Abroad

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