Student Organizations

Student organizations are important venues for gaining leadership experience. Student organizations provide skills and experiences you will use throughout your personal and professional life. Over 700 student organizations exist on campus. There are social, service, and professional development organizations. You can visit the Center for Leadership and Involvement for a directory of organizations.

There are more than 30 CALS Student Organizations. The organizations with websites are listed here. Every CALS department sponsors at least one student organization, and the college itself.

+Agricultural Business Management Club

We will work to build and maintain professional relationships with local agricultural businesses and take field trips to tour these businesses. We have guest speakers every meeting to learn more about these topics. Businesses include but are not limited to the USDA, local food/farms/breweries, the Chicago Board of Trade and Federal Reserve, and any others relevant to the club’s goals.

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+Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR)

Alpha Gamma Rho is a social/professional fraternity for men interested in the study of agriculture and who want to become actively involved on campus. We also have a vast alumni network that assists with career development and connections.

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+Alpha Omega Epsilon

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social Sorority founded in 1983 that promotes friendship, leadership, and professionalism to all members of the Organization, and community and our professions. The Omicron chapter at UW madison is a community that strives to support women in the fields of engineering and technical science and provide them opportunities to connect with campus at large. We were chartered in 2004 and operate on three pillars: philanthropic, professional, and social. A.O.E. is involved with the greek community as well as the engineering community and we host and attend a variety of events each semester.

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+American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers

The UW-Madison ASABE Preprofessionals Club is a professional organization for any student interested in engineering for agriculture, food, and biological systems. The club strives to provide opportunities for its members to be active in a variety of engineering scenes within the agricultural industry. Members are able to establish contacts with professionals in industry and build networking relationships that may be beneficial when seeking future employment. The UW-Madison ASABE Preprofessionals Club also holds monthly meetings, social events, and other activities that encourage students to get to know their peers and the department faculty. Through involvement, students gain leadership abilities and knowledge of industry that is greatly sought after in the professional world of agricultural engineering.

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+Association of Women in Agriculture

The purpose of AWA is to help its members prepare for a career in agriculture and agriculture related fields; to aid women in agriculture in achieving their goals; to improve communication among women in agriculture; and for the general betterment of agriculture.

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+Babcock House

Babcock House was given to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1931 as an alternative form of low cost housing for men enrolled in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Today the house provides housing for 24 men and women attending the University, most of whom are enrolled in CALS. As a student-led cooperative, Babcock House help its members to develop a network of social, leadership, and academic connections during their college career. Babcock is involved with many aspects of the University, participating in college-wide events such as Homecoming and CALS Weeks. Applications to live at Babcock House are due early each spring and are available at our website:

+Badger Crops Club

A professional, social, and educational group for students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Badger Crops Club provides the opportunity for networking with fellow agronomy students and those interested in any aspect of crop production. BCC provides an opportunity for students become involved in activities, meetings, and trips related to agronomy.

+Badger Pulling Tractor Team

Badger Pulling, UW-Madison’s Quarter-Scale Tractor Team, is an organization within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences that consists of students who are interested in the field of agricultural machinery.  As a team, these students design, build, and test a quarter-scale pulling tractor which competes in an international competition held by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) each spring. This contest not only tests the tractor design, but also the team’s ability to “sell” their design through a presentation and written report. To design the tractor, our team follows industry design practices including assessment of design criteria, computer-aided design and modeling, prototype fabrication, and extensive testing. As future designers of agricultural equipment, this process allows us to gain vital hands-on experience working with design, fabrication, and product evaluation techniques. It also allows us to fully conceptualize and prototype a product starting from scratch.

+Badger Turf & Grounds Club

The turf club is a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for students studying to become turfgrass managers. The club provides students the opportunity to listen to outside speakers in the turfgrass community. It also promotes and subsidizes student attendance at regional and national professional conferences such as the Wisconsin Turfgrass Symposium, the WTA Winter Turfgrass Expo, and the national Golf Industry Show. The club also takes part in community service projects.

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+Beta Beta Beta

The Purpose of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society is to function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Its activities are designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences, and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students of the life sciences.

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+CALS Ambassadors

CALS Ambassadors serve as a vital link between current students and prospective students. The organization recruits talented individuals from all majors to serve as ambassadors to our great college by answering questions and befriending prospective students. As a CALS ambassador, one must meet several responsibilities throughout the year, including:

  1. Serving at CALS Visit Days guiding students throughout campus and answering questions about student life as well as giving a brief history of various buildings on campus.
  2. Contacting admitted students to welcome them to CALS and help answer questions they may have.
  3. Visiting high schools on behalf of CALS over the school year to promote CALS majors, educate and inform student of opportunities.
  4. Hosting college booths at various nation-wide events.
  5. Serving on standing committees that educate students about CALS opportunities.
  6. Host high school student groups and classes on CALS campus.

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+CALS Health and Research Society

CHARS is a great resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in a field related to research and/or healthcare. Our meetings and events provide undergraduates with an opportunity to meet and network with other students as well as supplement their academic in-class experiences with volunteer work, pre-professional development and career exploration.

As a member of CHARS, you will have a chance to network with staff, student leaders, and experienced researchers within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as well as within other parts of the university community. You will also have a chance to talk with medical and graduate students and discuss the application processes and life in professional school. We also provide mentoring and information for those students considering pursuing an Honors in Research degree through CALS.

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+CALS Student Association

The CALS Student Association is the representative body for CALS students. We serve over 3500 students in CALS and 35 student organizations. We strive to further the Wisconsin Idea through a collaboration of elected representatives for each class, leaders of the student organizations, and an executive team. CALS Student Association provides a student voice in the student experience, course curricula, and long-term goals for CALS. We serve students and the community at large through leadership training, outreach events, and collaboration among student organizations.

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+Collegiate FFA

Collegiate FFA, UW-Madison Chapter is an official Collegiate chapter of the National FFA Organization. Our purposes include leadership and professional development, supporting the Wisconsin FFA Association, and service to the agricultural community.

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+Collegiate Farm Bureau

Collegiate Farm Bureau (CFB) is a student-run organization that works to promote agriculture on the University of Wisconsin campus. We are in affiliation with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation (WFBF) and participate in many of their activities throughout the year. We also attend many events held by the Young Farmers and Agriculturists (YFA) group within WFBF. Our largest event is the annual Ag Day on Campus that promotes Wisconsin agricultural products and educates UW-Madison students not familiar with agriculture. Throughout the year, members have the opportunity to volunteer to give lessons to elementary students through Ag in the Classroom. We meet once a month and the only requirement for joining is an interest in agriculture. Meetings generally feature a speaker or discussion about an agricultural topic or policy. We welcome you to our next meeting!

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+Delta Theta Sigma

Our local chapter here at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Gamma Chapter began in 1928. In the decades to follow, DTS became home to scores of accomplished men and women, including Conrad Elvjehm who identified Niacin and later became president of the University.

While the location of the DTS house changed several times over the years, the ideals and friendships remained, allowing DTS to endure the second World War without closing. We moved to our current location at 252 Langdon Street in 1956.

We welcome you to find out more about DTS and how you can become a part of our family, and write the next chapter in our long and colorful history.

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+Dietetics and Nutrition Club

The goal of the DNC is to strengthen the relationship between club members and professionals in the field of dietetics, encourage leadership and initiative, and provide a social network for students with similar interests. While exploring the various opportunities dietetics has to offer, it stands to contribute knowledge, skill, and professionalism to the community through the club activities.

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+F. H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture

Our mission is to establish the relationship between land, food, and community on the UW-Madison campus as well as the surrounding Madison community through our garden, workshops and shared learning experiences.

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+Food Science Club

The Food Science Club is an active chapter of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Student Association. Club members participate in Product Development, College Bowl, Undergraduate and Graduate Research Paper competitions organized by various scientific bodies and industry partners.

Members of the club are very active in both academic and extracurricular endeavors. Club activities include spring and fall picnics, winery tours, Holiday potlucks, wine and cheese student/faculty mixers, and industry presentations. In an effort to generate additional funds, members sponsor bake sales, produce and sell the club-designed Bucky Puck ice cream sandwich, proctor undergraduate food science exams, sell Bucky Books, run the WIFT Silent Auction. Club members have volunteered at Madison area food pantries, coordinated high school presentations, participated in Salvation Army bell ringing, and are always looking for more ways to be involved. Each year we tour a variety of food processing facilities. Past trips have included tours of Pillsbury, Jelly Belly, Kraft, General Mills, and Oscar Mayer.

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+Forestry Club

For over 30 years, the Society of American Foresters (SAF) student chapter on campus has offered UW-Madison students a chance to explore the unique and challenging opportunities in forestry through monthly meetings, club events, and community outreach. The chapter seeks to strengthen connections between students, the university, and the public in a manner that is educational, and most importantly, fun!

+Horticulture Society

The Horticulture Society is a professional, social, and educational group for students who are interested in horticulture, the cultivation and keeping of plants. The Hort Society offers students the opportunity to explore topics in horticulture through engaging speakers and trips to areas of horticultural interest. Presentations range from workshops on grafting to talks on the cultivation of chestnuts and orchids. Trips range from visiting renowned gardens and farms throughout the state to apple picking. On top of these events, the Horticulture Society offers students a chance to socialize and connect with other students as well as possible employers and the community. Members are given the opportunity to help out around the community through volunteer work at school gardens and educational events. Members can socialize with their peers at the bi-weekly meetings over food and drink as well as a variety of events including holiday socials, the Fall Plant Sale, and the winter Poinsettia Sale.

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+International Study Abroad

CALS IP works with students, faculty, staff, and our partners around the world to foster international research and learning opportunities.

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+Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology

The Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST) is a bi-annual, interdisciplinary journal for the publication and dissemination of undergraduate research conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Encompassing all areas of research in science and technology, JUST aims to provide an open-access platform for undergraduates to share their research with the university and the Madison community at large.

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+Microbiology Club

We welcome students from any major to join the Microbiology Club. We meet every other Thursday, and feature talks by UW-Madison researchers in microbiology, biotechnology, and other biological sciences. We also organize career panels with other CALS student organizations, and provide an opportunity to interact with other students and faculty members who share your interests. We offer weekly tutoring for students in introductory microbiology courses; host social events where students have a chance to meet visiting scientists, and tour local companies, such as breweries, that use microbiology. Club members organize fundraisers such as a T-shirt sale and participate in community outreach programs including Science Saturdays at the WID. Join our facebook group and follow us on twitter @MadisonMicrobio!

+Minorities in Ag, Natural Resources & Related Sciences

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS), is a student organization open to all University of Wisconsin students. Our goal is to assists members with developing the skills and tools to succeed in the professional world. Members also have opportunities to network with professionals in agriculture, natural resources and other related sciences. The national organization of MANRRS hosts an annual Career Fair and Training conference. Members may participate in workshop sessions, keynote addresses and a national career fair.

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+National Agri-Marketing Association

UW NAMA is the University of Wisconsin-Madison Chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association. This is a professional organization with members involved in all aspects of marketing: from market research and financial analysis to public relations and media. The primary focus of our organization is to help students improve their marketing skills through real-world opportunities and provide professional networking opportunities to jump start their career in the industry. Not only does NAMA provide connections at UW, but also with chances to network with industry professionals to give you a competitive edge when searching for internships and jobs.

+Poultry Science Club

Poultry Science Club has monthly meetings complete with delicious food! There are two fundraisers during the year; turkey sales in the fall, and poultry products in the spring. There is a yearly trip to the International Expo in Atlanta if members wish to attend. There will be various fun activities throughout the semester with possible poultry judging and a trip to Arkansas!

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+Pre-Veterinary Association

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to explore the diverse facets and careers of veterinary medicine. We have an array of speakers from many specialties at meetings, and we provide many volunteer and social activities for club members.

We meet once a month, generally the first Wednesday of the month, at 6:00pm in room 2360 at the Veterinary School (located accross from the Natatorium).

Don’t hesitate to send me an email at with any questions you might have.

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+Saddle & Sirloin Club

Saddle & Sirloin is a student organization at UW-Madison for students interested in beef, sheep pigs and horses. Members enjoy educational outreach, service activities and social events. Our organization builds camaraderie among students interested in the animal sciences and offers valuable learning and leadership opportunities.

Some of our annual events include Badger Kick-off Classic (cattle show), Badger Bonanza Lamb Show, Bucky’s Spectacular (pig show), Kickin Up Dust Speed Show, “Little I” Horse Show. Other events include Club 101 and Academic Quadratholon. We also enjoy several speakers from the agricultural industry, and participate in social events like the annual Christmas party.

+Sigma Alpha

Sigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that promotes scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship among its members. Since its inception in 1978, Sigma Alpha has grown to consist of more than 80 chapters nationally, comprised of undergraduate and alumni members. The Alpha-Tau chapter was founded in 2001 at UW-Madison and currently consists of 20 undergraduate women that share a passion for the agricultural industry.

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+Student Society for Stem Cell Research

The mission of the UW-Madison Chapter of SSSCR is to promote stem cell research in the community.

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+Undergraduate Biochemistry Student Organization

The Undergraduate Biochemistry Student Organization (UBSO) was created as a community group for students interested in biochemistry, but involved in all fields, to connect, share ideas, talk biochemistry, learn from each other and even have some fun while doing it! UBSO is dedicated to providing pre-professional advising to its students, including information about jobs, internships, as well as preparation for graduate and professional schools through meetings and seminars. Students have the opportunity to learn about research on campus and study abroad experiences. UBSO also facilitates volunteer and social events for students in the life sciences. Recent events include teaching local elementary school children about enzymes at CALS Day for Kids and a trip to Miller Park to watch the Brewers! Meetings are typically Wednesday nights at 6pm 1-2 times per month. There are no requirements or membership dues to become a general member. For more information or to be added to our email list, please contact and visit

+Undergraduate Genetics Association

The Undergraduate Genetics Association is an academic club which promotes networking, volunteer events, science outreach, career exploration, peer mentoring, social events, and research on campus. We are more than your average stop codon! Join UGA!

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+Village Health Project

In January of 2005, fourteen UW-Madison students studied abroad in Uganda , a small country in eastern Africa filled with beautiful landscapes and beautiful people. This study abroad experience not only opened our eyes to a rich culture and history, but also to the many problems of a developing country. The necessities that one may take for granted, such as clean drinking water, food security, and physician availability, are daily struggles for the majority of Ugandan citizens.

While we were studying, we saw things that left lasting impressions: young children climbing down into stagnant water pits to collect drinking water, long lines of people waiting hours to be seen at an AIDS clinic, and scores of small children whose bellies were swollen due to malnutrition. After seeing things like this, the group collectively felt a sense of helplessness and futility. We were there but could do nothing to help the people we saw. Upon returning to the United States we felt compelled to take action. Our goals were to find ways to make a difference in the lives of Ugandan people and also to provide future study abroad students with hands-on opportunities to help while in Uganda . Since then, we have established the Village Health Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a means to help us reach our goals.

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+The Wildlife Society

We are the Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society at UW-Madison sponsored by the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology. Our membership is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in wildlife science, management and conservation. As a member of the Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society, you will associate with faculty and other wildlife professionals as well as fellow wildlife science students. Through meetings, long-term field projects, and other events you will become familiar with wildlife management techniques, become more aware of local, national, and international resource issues, and gain valuable experience and friendships that will serve you well as a wildlife professional. The people you meet through student activities can provide you with information on career prospects. The Wildlife Society is an international, nonprofit, scientific, and educational organization comprised of professionals serving the resource management fields, especially wildlife ecology and management. Founded in 1937 and based in Bethesda, Maryland, The Wildlife Society has more than 8,900 members in 70 countries. If you are interested in joining our club, send us an e-mail at and we will keep you informed of upcoming meeting dates and events.

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