Internships allow students to draw connections between their classroom education and its application to their chosen field. During internships students gain valuable professional experiences and build skills employers desire.

Top 5 reasons to complete an internship

  1. Experience a career before committing to it.
  2. Develop problem solving skills by working on real world problems.
  3. Practice the communication and interpersonal skills needed to be successful.
  4. Develop relationships with industry professionals and faculty.
  5. Gain access to entry level positions after graduation.

When should students complete an internship?
Students should begin by discussing the timing of an internship with their advisors. Some students complete internships after their freshman year, but many wait until after their sophomore or junior year when they have completed more coursework in their disciplines. Students should consider completing more than one internship because they will gain more exposure to industry and the professional standards of their fields.

How do I get academic credit for an internship?
Students may wish to gain academic credit for an internship experience. Please begin this discussion with your major academic advisor. Students may also contact CALS Career Services.

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