Undergraduate Students

CALS offers 24 majors that lead students to a variety of careers and opportunities. Each academic discipline fits into the CALS priority themes: bioenergy and bioproducts, changing climate, economic and community development, food systems, health and wellness, and healthy ecosystems.

The Office of Academic Affairs is a key resource in helping students navigate the possibilities and opportunities in CALS. It is our goal to help students be academically and personally successful during their time here on campus and beyond. Academic Affairs offers learning opportunities, professional development, advising and connections to campus that will enhance students’ overall experience at UW-Madison. We encourage students to engage with the staff and services throughout their undergraduate careers.

Academic Policies & Forms

Policies for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) can be found in the:

For any additional questions, please contact CALS Academic Affairs at academicaffairs@cals.wisc.edu or 608.262.3003.

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If a student is facing academic or personal challenges, we have a CALS Dean on Call available Monday – Wednesday, and Fridays, noon – 3:30pm during the academic year, or 11:00 am – 2:00 pm during winter and summer breaks. Students are encouraged to drop by 116 Agricultural Hall to talk with a staff member or call 608-262-3003. Any CALS undergraduate student needing assistance is welcome.