Undergraduate Students

We are the home for studying the natural word. CALS offers 24 majors in biological sciences, health sciences, environmental science, social science and agricultural science. Many students continue their education in graduate school or enter professional schools in medicine or veterinary medicine. Other students pursue careers in biotechnology, conservation and recreation, communications, agriculture, human nutrition, animal health or public service.

The Office of Academic Affairs, in 116 Ag Hall, helps students navigate the possibilities and opportunities in CALS. It is our goal to help students be academically and personally successful on campus and beyond. Academic Affairs offers advising, professional development, and other services to enhance the overall experience of students at UW-Madison. We hope our students will visit us often and take advantage of our trainings and seminars.

Any CALS student needing assistance is welcome to meet with our Dean On Call.  Students should email deanoncall@cals.wisc.edu and provide your name, phone number, and short description of your question(s). A Dean on Call will respond to your request and to set up a virtual meeting. Summer Dean on Call hours are 12:00-3:30 pm Tuesday and Friday. Arrangements will be made to meet with a student at an alternative time if necessary for the student. If you have an urgent need to speak with a Dean on Call, please contact the CALS Academic Affairs Office at academicaffairs@cals.wisc.edu or 608-262-3003.

For any additional questions, please contact CALS Academic Affairs at academicaffairs@cals.wisc.edu or 608.262.3003.