CALS International Studies Requirement

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Applications are due by December 27, 2021 for consideration effective Fall 2022.  Applications received after that date will be reviewed the following year.


Please direct any questions to Megan Ackerman-Yost at

The CALS Curriculum Committee invites applications from departments for courses to be considered for the approved course-list that fulfills the CALS International Studies requirement. Applications are reviewed each fall by the committee for effective dates of the following summer.

For courses to fulfill the CALS requirement, they must meet all criteria and address the stated learning outcomes as listed below.

Criteria for courses to satisfy the CALS International Studies requirement (all criteria are required):

  • Be connected to one or more of the CALS Priority Themes
  • Include substantial international comparative content
  • Include substantial non-U.S. content (typically >50% of the content or assignments or grade in the course)
  • Facilitate active student engagement consistent with the learning outcomes and university assessment criteria
  • Fulfill 3 credits (either by a single course or a pair of interdependent courses)

Learning Outcomes for courses to satisfy the CALS International Studies requirement

  1. Identify and explain, to diverse audiences, global issues pertaining to one or more CALS Priority Themes
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and comparative perspectives with respect to experiences or cultural approaches to international challenges

Applications are due around the end of December each year for inclusion the following fall and must be submitted through the online application. Applications will require course information, a sample syllabus, and explanation of how the course meets the criteria and learning outcomes to fulfill the CALS International Studies requirement. It is recommended that applications be discussed with your department/unit curriculum committee before submission to ensure understanding of the criteria and outcomes. The application process includes follow-up with department chairs to confirm a continuing commitment to maintain required elements even with any changes in instructor(s). Courses will be reviewed by the CALS Curriculum Committee.