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Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
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Our Staff

Associate Dean
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
(608) 890-2154

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Louis Macias

Dr. Macias has spent his entire career in education. He began his career as a middle and high school social studies teacher, a cherished role he held for six years. For the last 15 years, he has served in formal higher education leadership at universities in Florida and at UW-Madison, where he has been since 2015. Prior to joining CALS, Louis served as the inaugural Executive Director of Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion for the UW–Madison Police Department. Among other accomplishments, Louis led the creation and development of the UWPD Equity Dashboard, which successfully launched in December 2021. Earlier in his career, Louis held other professional roles in areas such as academic advising, pre-college programs, enrollment management, fundraising and diversity, equity and inclusion, among others.

Through this work, Louis has had the opportunity to continue cultivating his passion to lead the creation of spaces where people can individually and collectively realize their greatest potential. Since January 2022, he has been establishing and leading DEI efforts as CALS’ first Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

EdD, Higher Education; Florida State University
MS, K-12 Educational Leadership; Nova Southeastern University
BS, Psychology; Florida State University

Senior Assistant Dean
Climate & Engagement
(608) 262-3288

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Tom Browne

Tom has been involved in academic affairs for his whole career. He served as a high school guidance counselor and athletics coach for six years, and transitioned to UW–Madison in 2000 as an academic advisor in the Athletic Department. In 2006, Tom joined CALS as an Assistant Dean in Academic Affairs and Campus Diversity representative, facilitating recruitment and retention initiatives for the college.

Tom is proud of the outreach connections and dedication to student services we provide in CALS, and is passionate about supporting student success and helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. In 2023, Tom transitioned to the ODEI to focus on improving climate for faculty, staff and students.

MA, Counseling Psychology; University of Wisconsin–Madison
BS, Sociology; University of Wisconsin–Madison

Community Development Manager
(608) 263-4534

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Rosalia (Rosie) Gittens

Rosie has over 16 years of experience leading inclusive and equitable initiatives to help remove barriers to access for underserved populations. Prior to joining UW–Madison in 2022, Rosie worked in the K-12 educational system as a Bilingual Teacher and as Community School Coordinator.

Rosie is passionate about learning from other cultures. As the Community Development Manager, she works to develop meaningful relationships and foster understanding and a sense of community between students, staff, and faculty. Rosie is responsible for the creation, delivery and ongoing refinement of timely, practical, and impactful DEI programming to meet the needs and overcome challenges throughout CALS.

MA, Education; Edgewood College
BS, Business Administration; Edgewood College

Community Impact Manager
(608) 262-3535

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Mandi Moy

Mandi has worked in higher education for the last ten years primarily in admissions and recruitment. Most recently, she served as the Director of Admissions and Recruitment at the School of Nursing for six years, where she redesigned and implemented new holistic admissions processes for undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. Prior to working in higher education, Mandi was a retail buyer. She leverages the marketing and product development skills from her former career everyday.

In January of 2023, Mandi started her role as the Community Impact Manager, overseeing ODEI’s communications strategy, assessment, and data reports to support DEI decisions and efforts within CALS. Mandi has valued being able to make policy and process changes to increase access and remove barriers for underserved students. She appreciates the opportunity to support students in their life journeys and is passionate about helping people grow and accomplish their goals.

MS, Higher Education Administration & Policy; Northwestern University
BS, Business Administration (Marketing); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Executive Assistant
(608) 265-4491

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Muhamed Sadiku

Muhamed has been at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in various roles for the past 15 years. After graduating in 2012, he spent three years abroad teaching English as a foreign language. He came back to Madison in 2015 to obtain his master’s degree at the School of Education, studying the role of literacy on social mobility for the underserved, specifically immigrants in the United States.

Prior to joining CALS, Muhamed taught academic writing courses in the English department, as well as literacy courses in the Curriculum and Instruction at UW–Madison. Currently, Muhamed works as an Executive Assistant in the CALS Dean and Director’s Office, and he is proud to be a member of the ODEI team, where he continues to uphold the core values of diversity, equity and inclusion developed and embraced throughout his life and work experiences.

MS, Curriculum and Instruction; University of Wisconsin–Madison
BS, English; University of Wisconsin–Madison