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Handshake is a great tool to use for internship, job, and career hunting. Handshake has a wealth of job applications from employers who have been vetted by the university and verified to offer positions to advance UW students’ professional careers.

If you are in the market for a new job or career, read on to learn how to navigate the “Job Search” tool on Handshake.

The first step in finding jobs for your major is filling out the survey in the “Career Interests” tab found in the drop-down menu under your name and photo. When filling this out, keep in mind that you can always change your preferences and if you set your interests to a broader area, you will get a bigger list of applications in your job search. The choices that you make in this section will automatically be used as filters when you start using the “Job Search” tab.

The full-time job and part-time job filters will present you largely with jobs that lead to careers or are in themselves a career already. If you are looking for a job as more of an experience builder to complete before applying to careers or graduate schools after you earn you bachelor’s degree, click on the internship and on-campus filters.

In the section of the screen that has a scroll-down menu with the jobs listed, there will be a green check mark and “Employer Match” next to it are jobs where you match the preferences. This means your GPA, year in school, major, and U.S. work authorization match that of the job posting.

While searching through the job page, you can click on a star in the upper right-hand corner of the job posting and it will sort the job into your “My Favorite Jobs” section. Then when you go to the homepage of Handshake, you can easily find the jobs you are most interested in. Additionally, Handshake will find similar jobs to your favorites, and put them on your homepage for easy access.
On your Handshake homepage, you will find your favorite jobs, related jobs, jobs that are popular for your major, trending questions from students in your field, upcoming career events, on-campus jobs, career path exploration, and then jobs in the cities you identified from the “Careers Interest” survey.

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