Scholarship Nominations for Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Scott, Sara, Jim, and Michael —

We are now accepting nominations for CALS departmental scholarships. The deadline for departmental nominations is March 30, 2018. Please convene your department’s scholarship committee as soon as possible to ensure the completion of the nomination process by March 30.

Your department can nominate students for each scholarship listed below by clicking the URL(s) beneath the scholarship’s name:

    • Aldo Leopold (Green Tree Garden Club)
    • Alfred & Isabella Galpin Fund
    • Gurine Gulsteen (Gjermundson) Research Fellowship
    • Merrill G. & Emita E. Hastings Foundation Scholarship
    • John A. Spurrell Scholarship
    • Netzer Brouchoud Scholarship
    • Robert A. McCabe Scholarship for Academic Excellence
    • Robert McCabe Field Course Scholarship Award
    • Ruffed Grouse Society-John Michael Dew Memorial Scholarship

When making your awarding decisions, refer to the awarding instructions and scholarship criteria to the left of each scholarship form below. The “Total Available Funds” is the total balance to spend from the fund. For example, if the nomination site states that the “Total Available Funds” is $3,000 and the number of awards is two, then your department would nominate two students for $1,500 each. You must include the nominee’s name, e-mail address, campus id, suggested award amount and the submitting department’s name.

We are aware that some departmental funds have multiple purposes as described in the fund’s Memorandum of Agreement. The spending of these funds for scholarship purposes is left up to the discretion of the department.

Please keep in mind that donors want to know that their gifts are being spent in the way they intended. Proper donor stewardship, which includes spending the money available, leads to continued giving. Please make every effort to spend the amount available unless there are specific reasons within your department not to.

If you are not the scholarship representative for your department, please let us know so we may update our records.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or see scholarships missing from your list.


Karen Martin                            Sue Ryan
CALS Scholarship Director       Assistant CALS Scholarship Director

Aldo Leopold (Green Tree Garden Club) Scholarship

Awardable Amount (‘The Pot’):

Eligible Majors: Awarded to a graduate student who has demonstrated talent, ability, and interest in natural resources, and who plans to continue studying at the University in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Recipients shall be selected from the fields of wildlife ecology, the plant life of such environments, or plant / animal ecology. Recipients are selected by the Scholarship and Loans Committee upon the recommendation of the departments of Wildlife Ecology, Forestry, Horticulture, and Landscape Architecture.

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Alfred & Isabella Galpin Scholarship

Awardable Amount (‘The Pot’):

Awarded to meritorious students with demonstrated need majoring in Wildlife Ecology.

Requires minimum GPA of 3.5 and minimum financial rating of 1.

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