CALS Summer Collaboration with the PEOPLE Program

Beginning Date: Monday, June 18
Last Reporting Date: Wednesday, July 18

This will be the 11th summer we have offered students involved in the PEOPLE Program an opportunity to be placed in an internship mentored by a researcher in a CALS related discipline. The students are coined “rising seniors,” as they have just completed their junior year of high school, and will be starting senior year in the fall of 2018. All rising seniors are expected to participate in a 5 week internship with a  unit on campus. We will be expecting a cohort of about 15-20 students.

We are asking for help in providing a research/activity based experience for the students in our cluster. We are looking for people to take 1-2 (or more if that helps a project) students and create a guided experience for them to be integrated into the research area you are conducting. It is not expected that students will complete a project, but should have tasks to do each day they report, and be able to at least share the research goals of the project.

The cohort of students will meet as a large group during the morning (9:00-11:30 am) to engage in curriculum developed by a Graduate Student instructor that is based on the theme areas of CALS. The students will engage in article review, field trips, and hear from guest speakers as they reflect on what they learn and summarize their experiences. On Thursday, July 19, the students will participate in a group symposium where they summarize their total experience along with the other cohorts of the PEOPLE Program.

The students are expected to report to their research/activity based internship after lunch within the time range of 1:30-4:30. The exact time is dictated by the drop off and pick up schedule of the program counselors, and by the desires of the internship mentor. We will try to iron out the exact reporting time before the first reporting date.

Beginning Monday, June 18, the students will report to their internships every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays, the students will be doing college preparatory activities with the PEOPLE Program, so do not report to internships. Also, students will not report to internships during the whole week of July 2-6 to account for the July 4 holiday. Students can be taken to field trips outside of the main location of the internship, but the PEOPLE Program staff request that these events be made with advance notice and within the time frame of the normal internship. Students cannot be transported in personal vehicles, only university ones. If you have an idea of an activity that you think would benefit the student, please contact Tom Browne at, who can help work out details if need be with PEOPLE. Students will report for internship for the last time on Wednesday, July 18.

If you are interested in participating and offering positions for students in this program, please complete the survey below. There will be an informational meeting led by Tom Browne toward the end of the spring. Internship mentors are also encouraged and invited to attend an orientation luncheon sponsored by the PEOPLE Program, date TBD but will be in early June. The summer program concludes on Friday, July 20, with a reception ceremony you will all be invited to.

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