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CALS Department Chairs and Center Directors by UDDS

Last Updated: 12/3/2021

UDDS Department/Center Chair/Director Phone Email
A070100 Office of the Dean and Director Kate VandenBosch 262-4930
A070150 Dairy Innovation Hub Heather White 263-7786
A070200 CALS Office of Extension and Outreach Doug Reinemann 262-9229
A070300 Business Services Angela Seitler 261-1432
A070301 CALS IT Stefan Wahe 890-1902
A070302 Human Resources/Payroll Angela Seitler 261-1432
A070600 Academic Affairs Karen Wassarman 262-3148
A070630 Farm and Industry Short Course Jennifer Blazek 890-2549
A070800 CALS Global Jennifer Kushner 262-3705
A070900 Research Division Mark Rickenbach 263-6710
A071100 Computing and Biometry Brian Yandell 263-3304
A071200 University Co-op Center Courtney Berner 890-0966
A071300 Ctr for Dairy Research John Lucey 265-1195
A071500 CIAS Michel Wattiaux 263-3493
A071620 External Relations/Communication Program Heidi Zoerb 262-4849
A071700 Ctr for Dairy Profit Mark Stephenson 890-3755
A071800 Dairy Forage Res Center Dennis Hancock 890-0068
A072000 Ag and Applied Economics Daniel Phaneuf 262-4908
A072200 Bio Systems Engineering Troy Runge 890-3143
A072400 Life Sciences Communication Dominique Brossard 262-0482
A072500 Animal and Dairy Sciences Kent Weigel 263-4321
A072600 Agronomy Chris Kucharik 890-3021
A072800 Bacteriology Katrina Forest 265-3566
A073000 Biochemistry Brian Fox 262-9708
A073600 Entomology Russell Groves 262-3229
A073800 Food Research Institute Charles Kaspar 263-6936
A074000 Food Science Scott Rankin 263-2008
A074050 Dairy Plant Casey Whyte 262-9102
A074200 Genetics Francisco Pelegri 265-9286
A074300 Horticulture Patrick Krysan 262-1243
A074600 Nutritional Sciences David Eide 263-1613
A074800 Plant Pathology Amanda Gevens 890-3072
A075200 Community and Environmental Sociology Michael Bell 265-9930
A075291 Applied Population Lab Randy Stoecker 890-0764
A075400 Soil Science Alfred Hartemink 263-4947
A076400 Forest & Wildlife Ecology Eric Kruger 262-4754
A077510 Russell Labs Admin Svc Ctr David Drake 890-0445
A077800 WCIC Shawn Kaeppler 262-9571
A078000 Ag Research Stations Hqtrs Mike Peters 846-3751
WAES Wisconsin Ag Experiment Station Jeri Barak 890-2581

Last Updated: 12/3/2021