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Dairy Innovation Hub in the media

Dairy Innovation Hub in the media

Meet the Dairy Innovation Hub
Badger Talks Live, 6/7/21

Dairy Innovation Hub: Analyzing the costs and benefits of manure regulations
Dairy Stream podcast, 9/30/20

UW–Madison innovations help farmers reinvent themselves in challenging times
OnWisconsin, 8/20/20

Sen. Marklein: Dairy Innovation Hub update, 6/5/2020

Food supply in the age of COVID-19
UW NOW Livestream, Wisconsin Alumni Association, 5/19/2020

Cow care during milk supply challenges
Dairy Radio Now, 4/29/2020

Six UW–Madison postdoctoral fellowships funded by state-sponsored Dairy Innovation Hub
Hoard’s Dairyman, 3/26/20

Newsmakers: Wisconsin’s Dairy Innovation Hub
Wisconsin Eye, 1/13/2020

Hook’s Cheese Co. will again release a 20-year cheddar, and advance orders are being taken now [benefits Dairy Innovation Hub]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/9/2020

Struggling dairy farmers building a future with hazelnuts, specialty milk, and creative thinking
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA Today, 12/26/2019

Dairy Innovation Hub Leader Excited About Future
Mid-West Farm Report, 12/11/2019

Voices of the Tri-States: Dairy Innovation Hub at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville
KDTH 1310AM, 12/5/2019

Mid-west Farm Report with Bob Bosold: Dean Dale Gallenberg
WAXX, 11/4/2019

Four Cubs hosts Madison guests
Burnett County Sentinel, 10/17/2019

Dairy Innovation Hub Funding
Mid-West Farm Report, 10/16/2019

3 UW schools launch innovation hub to help Wisconsin’s dairy industry
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/11/2019

UW Agriculture Leaders Tout New Funding For Dairy Innovation Hub
Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/10/2019

Finance panel approves dairy hub, suicide prevention hotline funding
Wisconsin Radio Network, 10/3/2019

Finance panel approves dairy hub, suicide prevention funding
USAgNet, 10/3/2019

Sen. Patrick Testin editorial: Budget has positive impact on rural Wisconsin
The Tomah Journal, 8/14/2019

Dairy Task Force releases report of more than 50 recommendations
Spectrum News | Madison, 7/9/2019

Dairy Task Force 2.0: Group lays out a path to a stronger Wisconsin dairy industry
Post Crescent, 7/11/2019

New state budget supports research, on-farm water quality efforts
Wisconsin State Farmer, 7/8/2019

Wisconsin Agriculture Reacts Favorably to New State Budget
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 7/7/2019

Opinion by Tom Crave ’78: Wisconsin state budget good for dairy
Agri-View, 7/9/2019

Wisconsin Approves Dairy Innovation Hub
Dairy Agenda Today, 7/5/2019

Editorial board: Dairy Innovation Hub should stay in state budget
Wisconsin State Journal, 6/27/2019

State budget increases funds for rural areas
Spooner Advocate, 6/27/2019

Editorial: The State Budget protects taxpayers
Reedsburg Times-Press, 6/26/2019

Sen. Howard Marklein: Legislature’s budget invests in rural Wisconsin
Capitol Times, 6/27/2019

Senate Sends State Budget Bill to Gov. Evers
USAgNet, 6/27/2019

Groups Stand United In Support
Wisconsin Farm Report, 6/26/2019

Opinion: Accepting Medicaid funds could help struggling farmers
Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/24/2019

Dairy task force member urges support for Dairy Innovation Hub
Hoard’s Dairyman, 6/24/2019

Opinion by Kevin Krentz ’92: Wisconsin dairy farmers need innovation
Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/17/2019

Funding for Dairy Innovation Hub clears major hurdle, still needs final approvals
Spectrum News, 6/14/2019

Wisconsin budget committee signs off on new dairy hub, nixes fee increases for large-scale farms
Wisconsin State Journal, 6/11/2019

Farm groups see Dairy Innovation Hub as vital to future
The Waterloo Courier, 6/6/2019

‘We must act now’: Wisconsin is losing dairy farms at an alarming rate
TMJ4, 6/4/2019

Dean: Dairy Innovation Hub could increase capacity for research
The Country Today, 6/3/2019

Midwest Farm Weekly interview: Proposal to create Dairy Innovation Hub in Wisconsin
WFRV, 5/16/2019

WI Agricultural Loan Restructures Up; Wisconsin Bankers Association’s Ag Bankers Report on WI Ag Lending
Star Tribune, 5/16/2019

Capital City Sunday interview with Sen. Howard Marklein and Mitch Breunig (third video on page)
WKOW, 5/12/2019

Legislation would pour millions into dairy research
Wisconsin State Journal, 5/12/2019

Task-force member eyes research future
Agri-View, 5/10/2019

Secretary Pfaff recognizes innovation as way forward
Farm Report, 5/8/2019

Wisconsin farm groups seek Dairy Innovation Hub
Progressive Dairyman, 5/8/2019

Hub of innovation for dairy proposed by legislators
Wisconsin State Farmer, 5/7/2019

Dairy Innovation Hub vital to future
Dairy Business News, 5/7/2019

Dairy Innovation Hub Proposal
Wisconsin Farm Report, 5/3/2019

Bills to Watch: Dairy Innovation Hub, Gas-tax Sticker
Door County Pulse, 5/2/2019

Plan would create dairy innovation hub on UW campuses
WQOW TV, 5/2/2019

GOP legislators propose UW dairy hub
Associated Press, 5/1/2019

GOP Legislators Propose UW Dairy Innovation Hub
Wisconsin Public Radio, 5/1/2019

Legislators propose new UW dairy centers to boost industry
The Badger Herald, 5/1/2019

Dairy Innovation Hub Proposal
Wisconsin Farm Report, 5/3/2019

Wisconsin lawmakers introduce Dairy Innovation Hub proposal
Brownfield Ag News, 5/1/2019

News conference: Establishing a dairy innovation hub
WisconsinEye, 5/1/2019

Plan would create Dairy Innovation Hub on UW campuses
WKOW 27, 4/30/2019

Op-ed: Now is the time to invest in research for our dairy future