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CALS Extension Faculty and Staff News and Reporting Request

Extension Reporting: It’s not perfect, but it’s getting better.

Have a go at entering your participant records for the first half of 2018.  Note that the entry form has been modified to allow you to enter participant records if you did not collect demographic data. There is also a request for an outcome statement, so give that a go as well.  Templates for each reporting form ate attached for your reference.

I have tested the system and it works pretty well.  If you already have your ‘Google MCN credentials’, Click to get into the system, review reports from your colleagues, and add your reports.

If you do not yet have the MCN credentials and/or for further details about reporting, check out the ‘Reporting’ attachment.

The reporting system has in the past been oriented toward our county partners.  I have joined the reporting task group to represent the view of specialists.  If you have suggestions about how specialist reporting could be more useful or user-friendly, please send them to me.

CALS Specialist Meetings July 20th

Specialist meetings will occur bi-monthly with agenda items circulated prior to the meeting and a summary of discussions posted to our web page after each meeting.  Our next meeting is scheduled for July 20th and the agenda will be circulated shortly.

UWEX staffing update and Program Planning

The nExt generation and Coop Extension integration work groups have been working overtime in the past year.  As  the administrative tasks of hiring new people and moving appointments to the Madison Campus move off the front burner, program planning will take center stage.  Stay tuned for ways that you will be asked to engage in the process as these efforts ramp up in the fall.

CALS Redesign: Extension Section of Department 5-year plans 

Departments have been asked to submit 5-year plans CALS Redesign process.  These plans should include plans for extension and outreach activities and anticipated needs for faculty and/or staff to meet these needs.  If any departments would like to meet to discuss the Extension and Outreach part of department plans please let me know.

CALS/Extension Budget Cut and policy for position requests

After much calculation and deliberation, Cooperative Extension has announced that the base budget reduction to CALS will be $420k (or 5.5% of the total budget of about $7.3M).  This amount is the remaining part of 2016 UW System cuts that have been carried for the past 2-3 years by spending down reserve funds.  We will begin to absorb this budget cut with the FY20 budget year (July 2019-June 2020).  In response to these cuts, a policy for requesting extension resources for faculty and academic staff positions was developed and circulated to department chairs and center directors.