Residential Learning Communities

CALS is proud to sponsor two residential learning communities: GreenHouse and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

GreenHouse Learning Community

Think, work, and live in more sustainable ways. At GreenHouse, you’ll have access to field trips, shared meals, hands-on activities, volunteering opportunities, and seminars that focus on the theme of sustainability

Go beyond the conventional residence hall and live in the LEED gold-certified Leopold Residence Hall, which includes an on-site rooftop greenhouse for residents.

Get your hands dirty by engaging in experiential and hands-on learning opportunities such as cooking locally and sustainably, restoring a prairie, fixing bicycles, and gardening.

Trying to make those connections has been an important part of my work and also what GreenHouse helped foster within me.

Devon Hamilton

BS ‘17, GreenHouse and CALS alum

Since coming to UW–Madison from Los Angeles, Hamilton has carved out a space for himself at the intersection of South Central Los Angeles food culture and southwestern Wisconsin farms, using food and sustainability as a way to connect to his own roots and encourage reflection and action in others.

Women in Science and Engineering

Connect with fellow women interested in science, technology, engineering, or math, and take advantage of all that a large research university offers.

Thrive socially and academically. Live in a welcoming environment with other women who share an interest in science and engineering and build a foundation for lifelong success in STEM fields.

Fuel your passion for STEM. Connect with UW faculty and local professionals to learn about cutting-edge scientific research topics and future career possibilities.

You get to meet so many different people who are doing research here, and it gives you lots of opportunities to join them.

—Hailey Thurston, BSx’22, genetics major and WISE alum

Did You Know?

Joining a learning community is a great way to combine your interests with your first-year living experience.


UW graduates who lived in a residential learning community


Different residential learning communities at UW

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