Customize Your Path of Study

CALS students are encouraged to pursue their multiple interests – both within a chosen major and by taking elective courses of interest outside their major. Many CALS students pursue more than one major or add certificates (similar to minors) to their formal studies. Other students use elective credit opportunities to pursue varied interests. Additionally, CALS Honors programs are available to CALS students to augment their bachelor of science degrees.

Majors and Certificates

CALS students must choose at least one major within CALS. Students may choose to pursue additional majors, in CALS or outside of CALS. CALS students may also choose to pursue one or more certificates, which are a designated set of courses focused upon a specific topic or theme and are similar to minors at other institutions. The full list of CALS majors and certificates can be found here, and the full list of UW–Madison majors and certificates can be found here.


CALS students must complete at least 120 credits to earn a Bachelors of Science degree. These credits include University requirements, College requirements and Major requirements. However, all these requirements do not account for 120 credits and any additional credits needed, considered electives, are chosen by students based on their interests and goals. CALS undergraduate students may take most university course offerings (courses 100-699) as electives.

CALS Honors Program

The CALS Honors Program allows highly motivated students to continue challenging themselves through research and coursework. The objective of the Honors Program is to help students develop critical thinking and problem solving abilities through specialized courses, and to provide students the challenge of designing, conducting and reporting research in collaboration with faculty from one of the world’s leading research institutions.

Did you know?

> 50%

CALS students double-major or complete at least one certificate


Majors offered by CALS, including the option of “undeclared” for students while exploring their options within CALS major options.


Certificates offered by CALS, although CALS students may pursue most undergraduate certificates (> 100 offered).


CALS students may choose from two Honors Programs – Honors in Research and Honors in Major, both of which include an Honors Thesis.


Do I have to take a language?expand_more

No, CALS does not have a language requirement as a college requirement not for any of the CALS majors

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