Build Your Community and Networks

CALS students have many opportunities to build their community and networks, such as through student organizations, peer advising and mentoring, and residential learning communities. Students also engage with faculty mentors, often for exploration of majors and career paths.

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide a vehicle for students to gain leadership experience, develop professional skills, build on personal interests and find community. CALS sponsors more than 30 organizations that help students meet their professional and personal interests. There are also over 900 UW-recognized student organizations available to CALS students.

Residential Learning Communities

These Learning Communities are residential spaces that bring together faculty, staff and students around a specific focus and build community through seminars and events to help make a large university feel smaller and more intimate. CALS sponsors 3 Residential Learning Communities: WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), GreenHouse, and BioHouse. CALS students have the opportunity to live in these living, learning communities in addition to others offered across campus. There are also affinity communities intended to bring together students with shared backgrounds or interests/affinities without the academic elements of learning communities.

Leadership Opportunities

In CALS, we believe that leaders learn by doing. Whether that be through one of our affiliated student organizations, research experiences, an internship, or our honors program, students learn the important soft-skills necessary to succeed in school, work, and life. Explore the student organizations and events that align with your interests and values. CALS students interested in formalizing their leadership education may choose to participate in UW’s Leadership Certificate Program.

Did you know?

> 30

Number of CALS affiliated student organizations


Residential Learning Communities supported by CALS

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