Diversity & Community

In CALS, you belong! The world is an ever-changing place, and there is a need in our society to recognize and embrace that this generation of students represents the faces of the future. We strive to be a leader in preparing our students to be culturally competent, global citizens by fostering a climate centered on community and quality educational experiences.

CALS recognizes these “faces of the future” will embody the growing ethnic and cultural diversity in our society, and we welcome the opportunity to serve, support and challenge students from many different backgrounds to make the most of their UW experience.

Our efforts include:

  • Promoting awareness and understanding of campus climate and diverse perspectives within the college and the university through enhanced dialogue and curriculum innovation.
  • Articulating the benefits of a representative student body to the college, the university, and the communities we serve, and how the sharing of ideas and information creates a culturally rich and stimulating environment.
  • Assisting students through career and academic advising, with personal attention from a dedicated staff.