CALS Major Advising

Once a student has declared their major in CALS, they will be assigned to an academic advisor who has specialized knowledge in the program and field. Some departments also assign a faculty advisor or mentor who help students engage in research opportunities, career mentoring, and more. Students and their advisors work together to develop academic, professional, and personal development plans to help them achieve their academic and career goals. Advisors can help answer questions, can act as a sounding board, and can point students in the right direction for additional resources and support.

Students who are already declared in a major can find their assigned advisor in Academic Navigator tile in MyUW and click advisor. They will also be listed in the My Success Network section of your Starfish app.

If you are interested in declaring a CALS major or just learning more specifics about the major, you should check the Guide page for each major for advisor contact information. You will be able to find schedules for most advisors in Starfish or you can contact them directly using the contact information found in the Guide using the links to each major below. Students who are undecided or exploring multiple majors can schedule a meeting with a CALS college advisor.

Advisor Liv Sandberg helps a student enroll at the orientation and registration program.

CALS Majors