Wisconsin Experience

Attending a world class institution provides you the opportunity to become involved with many activities and contribute to the strong tradition of leadership and involvement on Campus. As you participate in student organizations, internships, international experiences, volunteer opportunities, and the range of other activities on Campus, you will develop the skills and gain the experiences you need to become a leader in your field.

Here are seven ways to get involved and begin to create your own legacy on Campus:

  1. CALS Honors Program – Students who are interested in setting themselves apart can pursue a more rigorous course of study and be recognized for their achievements.
  1. International Experience – An international experience is an important part of your education that will give you the skills to successfully interact, motivate and work with a culturally diverse population.
  1. Internships – Real world work experience will: (a) help you explore a field, (b) increase your post-graduation employment opportunities, and (c) broaden your professional network.
  1. Leadership Education – CALS has many opportunities for students to learn about, and practice, leadership including: a leadership seminar, a leadership retreat, student organizations, and College committees.
  1. Mentored Research / Independent Study – UW-Madison is known for its cutting edge research. Students have the opportunity to be part of the discovery process.
  1. Service – CALS students have a strong record of service to the Madison, state, and international communities. Visit the Morgridge Center for opportunities.
  1. Student Organizations – CALS has more than 30 student organizations and there are over 700 campus wide.

Involvement statistics

  • Every year, UW-Madison ranks among the top few schools for producing Peace Corps volunteers. In fact UW-Madison was the top school in terms of Peace Corps volunteers for 20 straight years.
  • 63% of CALS students complete internships or field-experiences.
  • 75% of CALS students complete community service or volunteer activities
  • 50% of CALS students complete mentored research experiences