Other Funding Options

In addition to CALS scholarships that are intended to help many CALS students in meaningful ways, there are other funding opportunities to explore on campus.

Office of Student Financial Aid
Completing the FAFSA and having your results sent to UW-Madison is a priority for students interested in being considered for federal and institutional aid. The Office of Student Financial Aid uses this important information to create aid packages for each student’s unique financial situation.

The Office of Student Financial Aid keeps track of other types of aid programs not available through Scholarships@UW-Madison. Each of the types of aid listed below requires its own application, and will vary from program to program.

Undergraduate Academic Awards (UAA)
These highly competitive awards encompass campus-wide and national awards that consider research, service and leadership as criteria. The Undergraduate Academic Awards Office assists students with navigating the process of matching to scholarship opportunities and applying for these prestigious awards. Further information may be found at: awards.advising.wisc.edu

Student Employment
For student employment opportunities on and near campus, visit the student job center website.

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CALS Short Term Loans
Students who are in need of emergency funding may come to the CALS Office of Academic Affairs to apply for a Short Term Loan. Students may borrow up to $1,500 and have three months to pay back the loan interest free. After three months, interest fees become effective on loan payments at the current interest rate. Applicants receive information on loan repayment at the time the loan is approved. Students wishing to apply for a short term loan must apply in person in 116 Agricultural Hall and, in addition to basic information, be able to provide the following on the loan application:

  • Campus ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Two Reverences, including Name, Address, and Occupation
  • Source of Repayment
  • Employer’s Name and Address if applicable