Handshake for Employers

We are thrilled to announce that Handshake has been selected as UW-Madison’s primary recruitment and career event management tool. We join over 475 university career centers and 200,000 employers across the country already using Handshake.

All students, employers and campus units currently using BuckyNet or myECS will transition to Handshake this summer. Handshake offers many exciting new features that will transform the student and employer experience, including:

  • A single login portal for employers and students
  • Ability for employers to post jobs to UW-Madison and 475+ schools from one dashboard
  • Personalized job recommendations based on students’ major, interests, and more
  • Advanced, streamlined event management capabilities

Employers connecting with Handshake
Visit wisc.joinhandshake.com today to join the network and recruit the Badgers!

Terms of Use and Recruiting Policies
Students and Employers, please review Terms of Use and Recruiting Policies.