Academic Policies & Forms

Policies for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) can be found in the KnowledgeBase. Your academic advisor is also an excellent resource and can answer many questions related to policy. For any additional questions, please contact CALS Academic Affairs at or 608.262.3003. Some common questions and processes are included below.

Additional Major / Degree Application
CALS students who wish to complete multiple majors or degrees are required to submit an application to CALS Academic Affairs for review and approval. The application process is available here.

Academic Standing
Information about academic standing, probation and dropped status can be found here.

Policies and procedures regarding graduation, including applying for graduation, commencement information, honors, DARS issues, and timelines, can be found here.

Guide to Requesting Exceptions
If you wish to request an exception to a CALS policy, you should start by consulting with your academic advisor or contact our office at or 608.262.3003. Any CALS student needing assistance is welcome to meet with our “Dean On Call” available Monday – Friday, noon – 3:30pm. Students are encouraged to drop by 116 Agricultural Hall to talk with a staff member or call 608-262-3003.


Additional Major/Degree – review the policy