Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just take QuickStart: Foundations?
Yes! Students have the option to complete just QuickStart: Foundations (Inter-Ag 140), which is an 8-week online course OR complete both QuickStart Foundations (Inter-Ag 140) AND Connect2Campus (Inter-Ag 141), a one-week in-person class.

Each course is 1 credit. QuickStart: Foundations satisfies the CALS first-year seminar requirement.

UW-Madison has many students and many opportunities, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. QuickStart makes campus seem a lot more manageable. It incorporates fun activities and discussions to bring you and your peers closer, challenges your thoughts and opinions, and teaches you useful information about the campus and all its opportunities. I’m now feeling even more excited (and prepared) for my time at UW-Madison.

Amanda Mui
2018 CALS QuickStart Scholar
Biochemistry and Spanish Major

Do I need to know my major to participate in QuickStart?
You do not! During both of the CALS QuickStart classes, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore the variety of academic and career opportunities available to you in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Whether you are 100% sure of your plans, completely undecided or somewhere in between, QuickStart is for you. The structure of the program allow you to tailor the coursework and assignment to fit your needs and goals.

What’s an online class like? How much time is involved each week?
As an online class, there is no set “meeting time” for this course. The course is structured with weekly topic-based modules. At the beginning of each week, we’ll reach out to you with an overview of the topics and goals for the week.

You will work through some readings/assignments/activities independently, but you will also frequently collaborate and engage with peers and instructors through class discussion boards, your portfolio, and collaborative/peer-reviewed assignments. You should expect to spend 5-6 hours per week on this course.

When do QuickStart students attend SOAR?
All incoming UW-Madison will attend SOAR (the Student Orientation, Advising & Registration) Program during the summer ahead of their first semester.

In general, CALS QuickStart students can register for SOAR at any point that is convenient. However, late August SOAR sessions will conflict with the CALS QuickStart: Connect course. Please avoid these sessions. If you need to attend at this time, and would like to participate in QuickStart, please contact us at to determine if alternate arrangements are feasible.