Scholarships Fast Facts

How do I apply for CALS scholarships?
UW-Madison has a new scholarship management system from BlackBaud that we call the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (Wi SH). The CALS application is open (November 1, 2019 – February 3, 2020), to apply for scholarships:

  • Go to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub website
  • Sign in with your NetID and password
    Yes, you can log in and start applying for scholarships even before you are admitted to UW-Madison.
  • Click on and complete the “General Application”
    • These 8 – 10 short, simple questions can be answered ANY TIME they are used to match you to the scholarship applications that you are qualified to complete.
    • The system will assign these “matched” applications and remind you when they are available
  • Once you are matched, based on your “General Application”, then click on and complete the “College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Application”
  • Complete any “Other Recommended Opportunities” you match to based upon your “General Application” matching.

When to Apply...

Don't wait, do it as soon as you apply!
Phase 1: Application Process
                Nov. 1 - Feb. 1
Phase 2: Evaluation/Decisions
                Feb. - mid/late March
Phase 3: Awarding
                mid/late March - late April
Phase 4: Post-Acceptance Due
                late April - early June
Phase 5: Bursar Payouts
                July -

Will I have a bunch of apps to complete?

CALS has put all of their questions into a SINGLE APPLICATION! We will match you to all of the scholarships you are eligible for from this one application.

Does CALS have a lot of scholarships?

CALS has over 240 funds from which we award scholarships. Many don't take into account your GPA, but rather a variety of other criteria including financial need, major, career plans, and residency.

How much does CALS award?

CALS is lucky to have many very generous donors who value the future of CALS.

CALS awards over $1.4 million dollars to students in all departments in CALS, including the Farm & Industry Short Course students, and funding for study abroad opportunities!

How many CALS students receive awards?

We are able to award nearly 800 students at ALL levels, broken down as follows:
Incoming Freshman 23%
Freshman 6%
Sophomores 16%
Juniors 26%
Seniors 24%
Grad Students 6%

How big is the average CALS scholarship?

CALS scholarships can range from $250 - $10,000, but a majority of our awards average in the $1,500 - $2,000 range.

When do I need to apply?

The CALS scholarship application is open from Nov. 1 until Feb. 1 for the following academic year. If you have not finished, and submitted your application by Feb. 1 you will not be eligible for the next year's awards.

I didn't get a scholarship. Now what?

Any scholarships that we hear about, we will post on our web site at:

I'm coming to UW, when will I hear about scholarships?

Once the scholarship application closes on Feb. 1, we will match students to awards. Notifications of awards are generally made mid- to late-March.

Still have questions?

For more information on CALS scholarships, please visit or contact us at