CALS History Workgroup

Over time, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) has created a rich legacy of discoveries and outreach that have shaped the world we live in. The CALS History Work Group was established to collect preserve and catalog items that tell these stories; and to promote the history of CALS for current and future students, alumni and employees.

Bacteriologist Elizabeth McCoy in the laboratory in 1953. McCoy identified an improved strain of penicillium mold during World War II research into penicillin production. (University Archives)

The work group recruits retired and active CALS faculty and staff volunteers to participate, adding their collective experience and knowledge to the group’s work.

Want to help?  Send an email (please note: you do not need to live in the Madison-area to help–much of the work can be done remotely)!


Members of the work group:

  • Ronald Schuler, Co-Chair, Professor Emeritus, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Millard Susman, Co-Chair, Professor Emeritus, Genetics
  • Arne Alanen, Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture
  • Lou Arrington, Professor Emeritus, Animal Science
  • Diane Doering, Staff Emeritus, CALS External Relations
  • Bernard Easterday, Dean Emeritus, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Charles Elson, Professor Emeritus, Nutritional Sciences
  • Lindsey Jahn, Staff, Food Research Institute
  • Joe Lauer, Professor, Agronomy
  • Sally Leong, Professor Emeritus, Plant Pathology
  • Dave Nelson, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry
  • George Shook, Professor Emeritus, Dairy Science
  • Stanley Temple, Professor Emeritus, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
  • Ted Tibbitts, Professor Emeritus, Horticulture
  • Tom Zinnen, Extension Specialist, Biotechnology Center
  • Kara Luedtke, Project Manager, Staff, External Relations