Consultation is Partnership

The CALS’ ODEI provides no-cost consultation services to faculty, staff, and students. We partner with individuals and teams to support a variety of initiatives, identify gaps, and provide strategic guidance in addressing them.

You may request a consultation to discuss any DEI needs you or your unit may have, whether you’re seeking insight or looking to explore new ideas for your team.

Our goal is to be a partner and resource for learning how to better understand and integrate DEI concepts into organizational practices and policies. We offer support for a broad range of emerging challenges and opportunities.

Project Examples

  • Assessing and improving departmental climate
  • Building DEI shared core values
  • Creating more inclusive classroom or workplace practices
  • Designing and facilitating DEI learning opportunities
  • Developing outreach and recruitment strategies to increase diversity
  • Facilitating team building and development
  • Improving mentorship practices
  • Incorporating DEI into course materials, grant applications, and policies
  • Increasing attention to experiences of race, gender, LGBTQ identity, disability, and/or other identities
  • Strengthening intra- and inter-group relationships
  • Supporting new and existing DEI initiatives
  • Understanding and supporting underrepresented populations
  • Addressing negative classroom or workplace incidents
  • Addressing unconscious bias
  • Working on issues of power and privilege

Consultation Process

Guiding Principles

  • Draw on DEI best practices and the strengths of the groups we serve
  • Respect a broad range of backgrounds, identities, and community experiences
  • Approach interactions with non-judgmental attitudes and utilize restorative practices to address issues
  • Work collaboratively to seek solutions to problems through a genuine exchange of perspectives and information
  • Customize project approach, scope of work, and timeline to the needs of the individual or groups involved
  • Exercise discretion and respect confidentiality agreements within limits as governed by Federal and State regulations
  • Provide ongoing and timely feedback

Interested in a consultation?

We would love to partner with you.