CALS Awards

Recognition instills a sense of pride and purpose in people, and helps employees feel valued. It affects employees, and in turn the organization–fostering connection between employees and the organization. According to a 2023 Gallup report, organizations who invest in employee recognition initiatives are likely to see a 9% improvement in productivity and 22% decrease in absenteeism. It’s important to take time to celebrate when work is done, projects are completed, and milestones are reached. 

The people make CALS excellent. Together, students, faculty, and staff carry out the mission to advance and share knowledge, discover solutions and promote opportunities in food and agriculture, bioenergy, health, the environment and human well-being with their diverse skills, knowledge, creativity, and passions. CALS recognizes and is grateful for the commitment and hard work of all of our community members.

The CALS annual awards are an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the people who have led the efforts and contributed to the accomplishments of our college. Award nominations are an opportunity to pause and reflect on the work that has been done over the last year. In the reflection, we remember the hard work endured, time invested, and outcomes achieved. Please consider submitting an award nomination to celebrate a CALS community member.